Climate strikes: students around the world walk out to demand change – live | Environment


There’s a huge crowd at Old Treasury in Melbourne already, half an hour before the strike officially gets under way. Students are holding brightly coloured signs directed squarely at Australia’s political leaders and chanting “ScoMo’s got to go”.

One sign features pictures of Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten, Tony Abbott and Pauline Hanson, and declares simply “fossil fools”.

Aiden, 15, from Templestow College, said he came because “climate science is really important”.

“Politicians don’t seem to be acknowledging that it’s an emergency. If they don’t step up and do something, we’re not going to have a liveable planet. They might be dead by then but everyone else here wouldn’t like to be.”

Lisa Cox

Aiden, 15, “I learnt science unlike the clowns in parliament”. “Politicians don’t seem to be acknowledging this is an emergency” #climatestrike @naamanzhou

March 15, 2019






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