Canberra club patrons ‘feared for their lives’, left injured after alleged bikie brawl broke out in front of them



February 15, 2019 13:08:00

Bystanders “feared for their lives” as a “significantly violent” fight, allegedly involving a dozen bikies, broke out in a club in Canberra’s south last month, police say.

Key points:

  • Six men have already been arrested in relation to the fight
  • Officers believe up to a dozen people were involved in the brawl
  • Police would not name the Woden club where the fight occurred

ACT Policing are seeking witnesses to the incident, which occurred in “a busy club” in Woden on January 18.

Detective Superintendent Scott Moller said the attack happened in a restaurant area of the club, but did not specify the exact nature of the fight.

“This was witnessed by many members of the community who were in the restaurant eating, including young people,” he said.

“People sitting around the area were scared for their life … people sought medical attention.”

Detective Moller did not confirm if weapons were involved or detail the nature of the injuries.

He said officers had arrested six men in relation to the attack who were released on “strict bail” and would face court at a later date.

Those men were known to police, Detective Moller said.

“We are looking to get all the witnesses we can. There were more than a dozen people involved and at the moment we’ve arrested six,” he said.

“We are looking for witnesses that saw the incident and really looking for the effect that this incident had on these witnesses.”

When asked why police did not inform the public of the incident earlier, given the prevalence of bikie-related crime in the community, Detective Moller said they did not want to jeopardise the investigation.

“This investigation has been going on for some time and certainly we didn’t want to jeopardise that by going out to the media too early,” he said.

He said there was no evidence the club where the incident occurred had any involvement with bikie gangs.







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