Wholesome Chinese ‘four generations under one roof’ meme is melting hearts online



January 08, 2019 15:16:21

Memes and online challenges can often be confusing, offensive, or — as was the case with the recent Bird Box Challenge — dangerous.

Key points:

  • In Chinese culture it is common for multiple generations to live together
  • Videos started on Douyin, a Chinese video application known as TikTok in other countries
  • The trend jumped to Twitter when it was shared by a BuzzFeed reporter

But a new viral meme originating from China, called ‘four generations under one roof’, has a far more wholesome feel.

The concept is simple, each video beginning with a young child calling out to their mother or father.

Then the parent enters the room smiling, turns around and calls out to their own parent.

The next generation then enters smiling and does the same, with the great-grandparent of the first child entering the room beaming.

Videos have racked up millions of views on Douyin, the Chinese-owned video application which is known as TikTok in other countries.

In Chinese culture it is common for multiple generations of a single family to live together under one roof.

And with the Lunar New Year festive period approaching there is a particular emphasis on reuniting with family and being together with loved ones.

Some of the videos were shared on Chinese social media site Weibo, with commenters saying that “tears burst out of [their] eyes” or that they “smiled after watching the whole thing”.

Popular clips then migrated to Twitter when they were shared by Buzzfeed producer and reporter Kassy Cho, with her posts receiving millions of views and thousands of retweets as Western audiences also fell in love with the feel-good meme.

People around the world have since joined in the craze, showcasing their own family trees.

In one video posted of a Japanese-Peruvian family, the age difference between the young girl and her great-grandmother is 99 years.

Many Twitter users have said the videos make them miss their own grandparents, who may have passed away.









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