When Nintendo Switch Online will launch in Australia

NINTENDO has announced its anticipated Nintendo Switch Online subscription service for its hugely popular handheld Switch gaming console will launch in the second half of September.

The paid service will enable online play between Switch gamers, including in popular titles such as Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

There will also be cloud backup of saved data available for compatible games, enabling gamers to keep their game progress if they switch to a different Switch unit, such as when buying a new one.

Additionally, the service will provide access to “a growing library of classic NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games anytime, anywhere — with added online features”, as well as ways to “enhance your online experience with features available through the Nintendo Switch smartphone app and receive special offers”, according to Nintendo.

Nintendo has also confirmed that gamers with multiple Switch consoles will only need to pay for one subscription, as long as they use the same Nintendo account that has an active Nintendo Switch Online membership on the different units.

The subscription service will cost $5.95 per month, $11.95 for three months for $29.95 per year.

While the service’s launch means an end to free online play for Switch owners, Nintendo have assured gamers they will not be automatically charged for a subscription the service launches next month.

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