Video shows him talking about ‘taping the ball’ as a kid

DISGRACED cricketer David Warner used to “tape the ball” as a kid playing at the “HCG”, or his back yard, according to a 2015 video of the former Australian vice-captain.

The video, called “Dave Warner’s HCG – Home Cricket Ground” is an old TV commercial for KFC.

Played on Wednesday night on the ABC TV show Gruen, it shows Warner in shorts bowling balls in a back yard.

He tells the story of playing cricket as a kid:

“We had a couple of guys that used to come ’round all the time and we used to try and replicate what was going on out in the middle in the HCG,” Warner said in the video.

“If you were over the fence you were out.

“Or you got six runs for your total … we had a concrete back yard, so there wasn’t much movement off the wicket.

“So I had to try and work something out and that was by taping half the ball, and trying to get the ball up there and swinging it.”

Posted up on their Twitter page after the program screened, Gruen quipped in a tweet, “We reckon KFC might give this 2015 ad a lifetime ban.

“Which is a shame, because it proves there is finally a bit of truth in advertising.”

On the program, the Gruen panel discussed Warner’s image following the ball-tampering scandal which saw he and former captain Steve Smith step down from the Australian Cricket team for a year.

Following the scandal, Warner was described as having “come out of this looking like a jerk, and he probably was a jerk before that.

“He needs a repositioning, and I think he needs to be more active in his repositioning than everybody else.”

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