Tropical Cyclone Owen heads for Cape Shield and Groote Eylandt, BOM issues warning



December 11, 2018 13:11:54

A Tropical Cyclone warning has been issued for parts of the north-west Top End, including Cape Shield and Groote Eylandt.

Key points:

  • Ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen is expected to redevelop on Wednesday morning
  • Some residents in the Gulf of Carpentaria may soon experience gales up to 100 kilometres per hour
  • The Bureau of Meteorology has released an official warning

Bureau of Meteorology predictions suggest Ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen will intensify as it moves through the Gulf of Carpentaria, with the storm expected to redevelop into a Tropical Cyclone during Wednesday morning.

A warning has been issued for communities from Cape Shield in the Northern Territory, including Groote Eylandt, through to Burketown in Queensland.

Regional controller Travis Wurst said gales with gusts up to 110 kilometres per hour were expected between Cape Shield and the Queensland border in the next 24 hours.

Mr Wurst said coastal areas and islands in southern and western parts of the Gulf would also experience heavy rain.

“People should stay away from beaches and coastal areas because of higher-than-normal tides and wind-driven surf as Ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen approaches,” he said.

“Coastal flooding may occur in the area, which is also dangerous.”

He urged residents in the warning zone to stay indoors as weather deteriorates later tonight.

But first he suggested making some preparations, including:

  • Parking vehicles under solid shelter, with the handbrake on and in gear
  • Putting wooden or plastic outdoor furniture in backyard pools or inside with other loose items
  • Drawing curtains and shutting doors
  • Packing a kit with essential medications, baby formula, nappies, valuables, important papers, photos, mementoes in waterproof bags, as part of emergency kits
  • Checking neighbours — especially new arrivals — are aware of the situation and are preparing
  • Remaining indoors with pets, not moving to public shelters unless advised by local authorities
  • Staying tuned to local radio/television for further information

A list of what residents should include in their emergency kit can be found on the Northern Territory Emergency Service website.

Cyclone preparedness information is available at SecureNT, and more information on weather warnings is available on the BOM website.










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