Thai cave rescue: The man who died helping save the boys has been remembered as a hero


July 11, 2018 08:43:17

The world is celebrating the successful rescue of 12 boys and their soccer coach who spent over two weeks in a flooded cave in Thailand.

But there was one casualty — a former Thai Navy SEAL who died after entering the cave to lay oxygen tanks along the exit route.

Saman Gunan (alternatively spelled Kunan) has been remembered by his family and people around the world as a hero.

The 38-year-old set out on Thursday night last week to deliver three oxygen tanks.

He completed his task, but lost consciousness on the return trip. His diving partner performed CPR but was unable to revive him.

Gunan was one of about 80 Thai Navy SEALs, who made up the bulk of the divers involved in the rescue effort.

“We won’t let the life lost be wasted,” SEAL commander Arpakorn Yookongkaew said.

‘I use pride to repress my sadness’

Waleeporn Gunan told the BBC, “It’s like I’ve died but I’m still alive.

“But I use pride to repress my sadness,” she added.

She said her husband was being praised as a hero because of who he was.

“He loved helping others, doing charity work and getting things done,” she said.

She spoke about the strength of their relationship, saying they would tell each other they loved each other before he left for work each day.

“At midday, we’d text to see if the other had had lunch. In the evening, when he got home, I would ask him how he was,” she said.

Diver had previously spoken about death

“Saman once said we never knew when we would die. We can’t control that, so we need to cherish every day,” she said.

Ms Gunan had these final words for her husband:

“I want to tell you honey, you are the hero in my heart. You always were and you always will be.”

Meanwhile, Saman’s father Wichai Gunan told the BBC he was “very proud” of his son.

“But I am very sad too because I lost my beloved son,” he told the BBC.

“May you rest in peace. Rest well. Daddy loves you.”

Many are thinking of the fallen hero




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