Tasmania’s historic Bronte Park Lodge destroyed by fire


March 23, 2018 10:31:23

A historic chalet built in the 1940s for Tasmania’s hydro electric scheme has been gutted by fire.

The blaze took hold about 8.00am Friday, with Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS) despatching six tankers to the hotel, about 110 kilometres from Hobart, in the central highlands.

In a statement, the TFS said they believe the “building is significantly damaged”.

“Guests and staff have evacuated and are all accounted for,” the TFS said.

Shane Hedger, from the local store, said the roof “had gone”.

“All the rooms down the back end are gone, it’s destroyed. Gone,” Mr Hedger said.

The owner of the venue was too distraught to comment.

On its website, Bronte Park Village said the venue was established by the Hydro Electric Commission in the late 1940s as a construction village for the development of the Tungatinah scheme and other associated works in the vicinity.

Most of the homes have been removed leaving 19 cottages, the Chalet and a small general store.







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