Tasmanian Labor senator Lisa Singh given ‘unwinnable’ fourth spot on ticket


September 08, 2018 13:14:16

Popular Tasmanian Labor senator Lisa Singh has again been dropped to what is considered to be an unwinnable spot on the party’s senate ticket.

Sitting members Carol Brown and Catryna Bilyk are first and second on the ticket, followed by John Short and Lisa Singh.

In 2016 Ms Singh was also dropped down the ticket, but retained her Senate seat after picking up a massive 20,000 first preference votes.

But she will need many more in the half-Senate election.

Ms Singh, who is not aligned with either the left or right faction of the Labor Party, said she had borne the brunt of the party machinations.

“It’s no secret that factional arrangements are put in place often in these types of preselections and when that happens and you’re not part of that factional arrangement you can end up losing out,” she said.

She said she had proven people wrong before and could still win from that position.







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