Singer explodes on stage after cancellations

AFTER causing havoc with a string of cancelled shows due to illness, Pink has finally exploded back on stage with both a mega performance and a message to fans.

“I hope I didn’t screw up anyone’s week … Sorry if I did,” the singer told almost 20,000 screaming fans when she reignited her Beautiful Trauma tour on Saturday night at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena.

The show marked a highly anticipated return for the 38-year-old, who was forced to reschedule four Sydney shows this week after falling ill with a gastric virus.

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: Pink’s rescheduled Sydney dates

You know how sometimes when you’re in a job you despise it gets to the point where you have no problem lying and telling your boss you have diarrhoea just so you can go home?

Well it’s a similar situation Pink found herself in this week. Only, she doesn’t hate her job. She loves it. But when she cancelled this weeks’ string of scheduled Sydney performances and a bunch of people starting complaining about it on Facebook, she was forced to tell the nation she was in the grips of a severe gastro episode.

The bout was so horrendous Pink was admitted to St Vincent’s hospital last Sunday and kept overnight. Despite the medical certificate, some of the 80,000 ticketholders to those rescheduled shows weren’t forgiving.

But the rest and respite has done Pink the world off good. And after sipping Hydralyte and nibbling on dry toast all week, she exploded onto the stage on Saturday night ready to remind everyone she’s worth the wait.

It’s only appropriate the show opened with her 2002 hit Get The Party Started.

Dressed in a sparkly black catsuit, the singer gripped a gigantic pink chandelier as it crashed into the arena and swung through the air.

Renditions of Beautiful Trauma and Just Like a Pill followed. Pink was in overdrive, as if determined to prove to detractors why the high-intensity show can’t be done in poor health.

It was only a matter of time before the singer acknowledged the drama that surrounded the rescheduled shows. And three songs in, she broke her silence.

“Thank you guys for being here tonight. I’m not contagious, I swear,” she laughed. “[But now I’m] Sooo skinny.”

She added: “I hope I didn’t screw up anyone’s week … Sorry if I did.”

Over the course of the two hour show, Pink bungeed around in the air above fans performing her biggest hits. Songs from her 2000 rap debut album Can’t Take Me Home were omitted but surprise covers included No Doubt’s Just A Girl and Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

While between song banter was minimal, the singer grabbed fans’ hands and accepted a teddy bear and handwritten note. A wish for a selfie was granted and Pink made her way onto the general admission floor to take a photograph on a fan’s phone.

A break to introduce her backup dancers ended with a surprise appearance from the mum-of-two’s daughter, Willow — the seven-year-old running out on stage wearing industrial headphones to hug her mum.

In one final moment to address fans, Pink used the opportunity to again acknowledge the week’s health struggles.

“You don’t want to kiss me — it’s not safe,” she joked. “I’m feeling all right. St Vincent’s (hospital) is really nice. I had an awesome doctor. Usually doctors hate me ‘cause I know everything.”

In a spectacular end to the night, Pink employed her bungee cords one last time and soared to the edges of the arena to give fans in the cheap seats a closer look.

It was while she was strapped onto these cables and flying over the audience that one question hovered: Can you imagine the disaster if Pink’s gastro reactivated itself as she swung over this crowd of thousands?

Sometimes, a sick day benefits everyone.

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