Shannon Noll dumped from ‘family friendly’ gig after hurling abuse at can-throwing audience member



July 13, 2018 16:36:43

Singer Shannon Noll has been pulled from a scheduled performance in outback Queensland after a two-minute video of him threatening and swearing at an audience member for throwing a beer can at him went viral.

The two-minute long rant, featuring threatening and vulgar language, was filmed by an audience member at a NSW concert this past weekend.

It quickly went viral, raking up close to 1 million views in 24 hours, with Noll later apologising for his behaviour.

Today, in response to the outburst, organisers for the upcoming 60th annual Mount Isa Rodeo pulled Noll from a scheduled performance at the event.

Speaking to ABC North West Queensland, general manager Natalie Flecker said it was a decision not taken lightly.

“It’s one of those decisions that we had to sit back and look at in terms of weighing up the risks to the event, and to our attendees in terms of being able to give everyone a wonderful experience,” Ms Flecker said.

“We felt as a management committee that it was the best decision for the event to withdraw his performance on this occasion.

“We certainly don’t condone the actions of either side of what happened, but we pride ourselves on being a family friendly environment and our reputation could potentially be on the line if we were to proceed … it’s not something we’re prepared to take the risk with.

“He’s [Noll] apologised and we’ve acknowledged that, but we’re not prepared to have that kind of environment that could potentially happen at our event and on a national stage.”

Ms Flecker said Noll was disappointed by their decision.

“Perhaps if this had been a little bit further out or not so close it might’ve been a different decision. But at this stage we’ve come to that conclusion and now we need to move forward and look for a new artist to build up so everyone can have a marvellous experience.”

In a media release, Noll promised to return to the rodeo sometime in the future.

“I’m disappointed to not be there to celebrate such a milestone for an event engrained within the history and heritage of Queensland and wish it every success,” he said.

“I look forward to returning and being a part of it another time.”

The decision to pull Noll from the rodeo has mostly been slammed on social media.

“Massively disappointed!!! Bad move! I’ll have a refund for Friday thanks. Punishing someone for sticking up for themselves!” Amanda Hemmings

“Sorry guys but I think it was fair enough we all get fed up of imbeciles and Shannon obviously had enough. We have also cancelled our plans to come to the Mt Isa Rodeo as we feel it was an unfair decision.” Robert Oram

“Good on ya rodeo organisers … cost a performer a gig cause some muppet threw a can of beer at his head … the punters aren’t gonna support your event like they could have if Nollsie was still performing.” Joel Askew

“Ahhh come on the poor bugger got a beer pegged at his head ! Famous or not give the fella a break everyone loses it sometimes.” Tency Brennan

Organisers have promised a replacement act for the night.







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