Security footage under scrutiny as council investigates Rundle Mall’s Balls jumper



June 04, 2018 09:17:23

The Adelaide City Council is reviewing CCTV footage from Rundle Mall as it tries to work out how a person climbed onto the canopy outside a shopping complex before jumping onto the Mall’s Balls.

Police described the man’s actions as “reckless and dangerous”, after video was posted to social media showing him leaping onto the famed metal sculpture, which is more than four metres high.

The incident is being investigated, and Lord Mayor Martin Haese said it was “extraordinary” the man “didn’t hurt himself severely”.

“We will clearly work with Adelaide Central Plaza to work out how in fact he got up onto the awnings in the first place. That’s not an easy job in itself,” he said.

“There is CCTV up and down the mall and our team are already looking into, one, what we can do just to do a bit of an audit to make sure that it’s not easy to get up onto those balconies.

“I’m sure they’ll also be looking at the CCTV and if they can track this gentleman down.”

An ABC Radio Adelaide listener reported that the man had used a shop sign attached to the awnings to climb up.

The Mall’s Balls, officially known as Spheres and installed in1977, were moved closer to the shopping centre in 2013, after formerly being located in the centre of the shopping strip.

Mr Haese described the stunt as “daft and dangerous”, but said there were no legal ramifications for the council.

“I don’t necessarily think there would be a liability for the council because the public realm is in good order around there, and there was no real fault of the council there,” he said.

Police condemned the man’s actions, saying they had the potential “to cause serious injury to himself and others”.






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