Rome hailstorm traps dozens in their cars as extreme weather slams Italy


October 23, 2018 12:59:46

Dozens of people were trapped in their vehicles when roads in Rome were turned white by a severe hailstorm that hit the Italian capital.

Images on social media showed ice drifts from the storm trapping commuters and bringing the busy European city to a standstill.

Footage showed floodwater loaded with ice and garbage flowing through the city streets and into the metro system.

People could be seen in the footage trying to escape their vehicles.

Local media said police received multiple reports of people trapped in their vehicles due to flooding.

At least six metro stations were closed by Monday morning (local time) because of the conditions, according to reports.

Commentators called it a freak hailstorm after a long hot spell across the country.

But it was not just Rome that bore the brunt of the storm.

According to BBC, firefighters were called out nationwide, from Milan in the north to Sicily in the south.

Florence and Pisa were also affected by the severe weather, the UK news service reported.








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