Police ‘factoring in crocodiles’ after man goes missing in Cairns creek


April 12, 2018 11:35:16

A major search is underway for a 60-year-old man who failed to return from a crocodile-infested creek in suburban Cairns in far north Queensland.

Water police, a helicopter, SES and wildlife rangers are scouring an area near Chinaman Creek in the suburb of Portsmith.

Acting Senior Sergeant Gil Dyett said the situation was deeply concerning as it was out of character for the man to be out of contact.

“Yesterday afternoon he telephoned his wife to say that he was going to put some crab pots in before heading home, and as of yesterday afternoon he failed to return,” he said.

“Some family went looking for him thinking none the wiser and he didn’t turn up last night, so police were contacted late last night.”

The area is a known crocodile habitat.

“It’s salt water, it’s very marshy. It’s obviously home to crabs … so therefore, if there’s mud crabs we’ve got everything else in there as well. And obviously that includes crocodiles,” Senior Sergeant Dyett said.

“It would naive to say we wouldn’t be factoring in crocodiles.”

Senior Sergeant Dyett said the man worked for a local business as a supervisor.

“For him to be missing it’s very out of character. He’s taken his car keys, his phone and his wallet,” he said.







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