NSW Police raids at John Ibrahim’s Sydney mansion ‘harassment’, ‘unwarranted’: lawyer


July 31, 2018 15:45:29

John Ibrahim’s lawyer says a police raid at the underworld identity’s Sydney mansion is “sustained harassment” and “unwarranted”.

New South Wales Police searched Mr Ibrahim’s Dover Heights home as part of a “firearm prohibition order”.

Officers could be seen on the roof of the property, bashing a large box with a battering ram and trying to prise it open with a crowbar.

A police helicopter hovered above the property while the raid was taking place.

“A police operation is underway in Dover Heights relating to the serving of a firearm prohibition order,” a NSW Police spokesman said.

Two police officers stood at the entry to the clifftop residence, where the blinds were drawn.

Mr Ibrahim’s lawyer, Abbas Soukie, later issued a statement saying his client “vigorously challenged” the order.

“Following the provision of the firearm prohibition order, Mr Ibrahim’s residence and vehicle were subjected to a search,” the statement read.

“No items of interest were located during the course of the search.

“It is our view that the firearm prohibition order constitutes an abuse of process and is entirely without merit. Mr Ibrahim intends to vigorously challenge that provision of that order.

“Mr Ibrahim emphatically rejects any suggestion, express or implied, of any involvement in any illegal activity, and regards the continued and sustained harassment by NSW Police as unwarranted.”

Mr Ibrahim’s home was also raided last August, the same month his mother’s home in Sydney’s west was searched by police.






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