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Northern Territory Indigenous Affairs Minister Selena Uibo says it’s ‘business as usual’ in the NT as the Prime Minister announces a refresh is needed of the ‘Close the Gap’ targets.

Scott Morrison delivered the 11th annual Closing the Gap report in Canberra on Thursday, calling for a new approach as the targets had been ‘set up to fail’.

Ms Uibo told Sky News the state government is ‘not relying’ on Scott Morrison’s updates and outcomes on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander needs, as parliament works towards a major revamp of Kevin Rudd’s ‘Closing the Gap’ strategy from 2008.

Ms Uibo says the report is ‘of interest’ to her team, but they are focusing on ‘action’ and investing human resources and finances into education, housing, health and early education.

Only two of the seven targets, aimed at improving health and education of Indigenous people, have been met from the original report.

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