New SA Liberal Government sacks four senior public servants


March 21, 2018 12:14:50

New South Australian Premier Steven Marshall has called his first news conference at the State Administration Centre in Adelaide to announce four senior public servants have been sacked.

Those being dismissed by the new Liberal administration are Department of Premier and Cabinet chief executive Don Russell, Michael Deegan from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, Sandy Pitcher from Environment and Natural Resources and Ingrid Haythorpe from the Attorney-General’s Department.

It will cost taxpayers $2 million for the departures of the four senior executives.

Mr Marshall was sworn in as Premier by the Governor on Monday, after the Liberals ousted the four-term Labor government in last weekend’s election.

Along with the new state leader, his deputy Vicki Chapman was sworn in and appointed Attorney-General, while Rob Lucas was made Treasurer.

Mr Lucas has already made clear he will only serve four years before retiring from State Parliament after a long career, which also saw him serve as treasurer until 2002 when Labor took office.







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