Monster truck rally safety questioned after child injured at Brisbane event


October 28, 2018 13:59:35

Organisers of a monster truck show in Brisbane have come under fire after a child was hospitalised with minor leg injuries when a stunt car accidentally drove into the crowd.

Emergency services were called to the Mount Gravatt Showgrounds around 6:30pm on Saturday when the car crashed through a barricade into a mother and her children.

Witnesses described a car heading toward a ramp before rolling into the crowd without appearing to slow down.

Photos at the scene also showed the audience watching from behind thin temporary fencing just metres away from the stunt cars.

One child was taken to Queensland Children’s Hospital with minor leg injuries.

The incident has been condemned by fellow monster truck event promoter, Clive Featherby, who runs Monster Truck Promotions Australia.

“This horrible accident at Mount Gravatt showgrounds last night could have easily been avoided,” Mr Featherby said.

Queensland Ambulance senior operations supervisor Damian Gonzalez said their injuries could have been much worse, and raised questions about the event’s safety preparations.

“The potential is quite large for these trucks to go right into the crowd if they were to continue moving forward, so from our point of view it’s a very fortunate incident,” he said.

Mr Gonzalez said there were no first aid officers at the event, organised by a company called Ultimate Monster Shows.

“As far as we’re aware, when we arrived we weren’t met by any first aiders or official first aiders on scene,” Mr Gonzalez said.

“Generally, events that include large crowds and high-risk events we would always recommend some form of first aid be on scene.”

Beck Buckman witnessed the crash and said organisers did not keep the audience informed or offer refunds.

“No one knew what was going on, all these kids were screaming and upset, it was quite horrific … it’s honestly lucky her injuries weren’t worse than what they were,” Ms Buckman said.

“It was as though the organiser was just going to have the show go on regardless of people being injured it was just terrible.

“There was no [announcement] over the speaker [to say] ‘we’re sorry for the delay’ or ‘this is what’s happening,’ none of that, and now they don’t want to refund people’s money.”

Queensland Workplace Health and Safety is investigating the accident.

Ultimate Monster Shows has been contacted for comment.






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