Mira Sorvino says casting director gagged her with condom during audition when she was 16



July 13, 2018 16:31:05

Oscar winner Mira Sorvino says a casting director used a condom to gag her during an audition when she was just 16.

Sorvino, 50, revealed on the podcast HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) in Conversation that she was tied up and gagged while auditioning for a horror movie.

“One of my very first auditions, when I was 16, I was completely treated inappropriately by the casting director,” she said.

“In order to scare me for this horror movie scene he tied me to chair, he bruised my arm and … I was 16 years old … and he gagged me.

“I was all game because I’m trying to be scared for this scene.

“In the end he took the gag out of my mouth and said, “sorry for the prophylactic”.

“So he gagged me with a condom.”

She said that was one of her “introductions of how the acting industry works” and one of the reasons why she was so vocal on the #MeToo Movement.

Sorvino said she often heard stories of women being exploited in Hollywood.

She said she had been offered roles on the condition she would have a sexual relationship with the director, but said she would always refuse.

Sorvino champions #MeToo Movement

At the time of revealing the gagging incident, the actor was talking about abuse and her involvement with the #MeToo Movement to put sexual abuse in the spotlight and empower women.

“You have had millions of people join this (#MeToo Movement), it (sexual abuse) is much more widespread than people thought because no-one would talk about it,” she said.

“They (the victims) were embarrassed, a sexual assault or any of these kinds of events is hugely embarrassing for the victim.

“It’s like your whole ability to conduct your physical body the way you want to is taken away from you.”

She said the #MeToo Movement was bringing sexual abuse in Hollywood into the spotlight.

Sorvino won an Academy Award and Golden Globe for her performance in Mighty Aphrodite in 1995, and stars in the TV series Condor.






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