Melbourne doctor allegedly asked inappropriate questions before groping 17yo, court hears


May 09, 2018 15:27:34

A Melbourne doctor accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old patient had also allegedly asked her inappropriately intimate questions about her sex life, a court has been told.

Doctor Azit Das, aged in his mid-50s, is facing trial in the County Court after pleading not guilty to touching the teenager’s breasts without her consent during a consultation at a medical clinic in Mill Park, in Melbourne’s outer-north, in March 2016.

The girl was accompanying her boyfriend to an appointment when the conversation turned to the couple’s desire to have a baby.

Prosecutor Nick Batten told the jury the conversation took an “unexpected turn” when Dr Das began asking the couple intimate and inappropriate questions about their sex life.

“According to [the complainant], at one point he proposed that she get onto the examination bench … and that he demonstrate some sexual point to them on her body,” Mr Batten said.

“She said ‘no’ to that.”

Patient rejected breast exam request, court hears

The girl alleges she later told Dr Das that she had gained weight and asked whether the fact her breasts were larger was a sign she was pregnant.

Mr Batten told the court the doctor asked her to pull her top down so he could “take a look” but she said no.

“He suggested this a couple of times and she each time said ‘no’, but … he rolled his chair … over to where she’s seated … and grabbed at her top, reached in and, in effect, scooped her breast out of her top and proceeded to press on it,” he said.

Mr Batten said Dr Das asked the girl if the pressure hurt and then did the same with her other breast.

“Dr Das has handled this young woman’s breasts … it was done without her consent and he had no reasonable belief that she was consenting to it,” he told the court.

It is alleged a nurse was then called into the room and the girl was taken to have a blood test to determine whether she was pregnant. She reported the incident to police later that day.

Doctor denies groping ever took place

In an interview with police, Dr Das denied that he had touched the girl’s breasts or that they had discussed the couple’s sex life.

“He did tell police that there was some inappropriate discussion between them which he discouraged,” Mr Batten said.

Defence barrister Lesley Taylor QC said Dr Das was an innocent man and urged the jury to pay attention to inconsistencies in the girl’s evidence and that of her boyfriend.

She also said they should note the girl’s reaction “or lack of it at the time of the alleged touching of the breasts … and immediately afterwards” and her boyfriend’s reaction “when he was sitting there and this doctor was allegedly touching his girlfriend’s breasts”.

The trial before Judge Felicity Hampel continues.






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