Mass greyhound grave found at Sydney property, a dozen emaciated dogs seized


July 12, 2018 16:31:44

The RSPCA has uncovered a grave containing the remains of nine greyhounds in Sydney’s west.

WARNING: This story contains a graphic image of dog carcasses in a grave.

The organisation said the grave was discovered on the property of a licensed greyhound trainer.

Twelve other greyhounds were removed from the property suffering emaciation, with parasites, pressure sores and severe dental disease.

The remains were discovered after a tipoff to inspectors on July 3.

Racing Minister Paul Toole said in a statement the allegations were “extremely serious”.

“There is zero tolerance for such abhorrent behaviour and those who engage in it can expect to be removed from the industry and face criminal prosecution.”

The discovery comes two years after the then Baird government introduced a ban on the greyhound racing industry, before backflipping a few months later.

Investigations are continuing.

A spokesman for the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission said it was also providing support to the probe.

Animal rights organisation PETA condemned the discovery and said the industry has had plenty of opportunities to implement reform.

“This most recent investigation confirms that the battle against the abuse of animals for entertainment and financial gain continues,” spokeswoman Emma Hurst said.

NSW became the first state to ban greyhound racing in 2016 after a Four Corners investigation that uncovered shocking instances of live baiting and animal cruelty.

A government inquiry found overwhelming evidence of systemic animal cruelty, including mass killings.

The industry fought the ban, arguing innocent trainers would lose their livelihoods.

In October 2016, then-premier Mike Baird reversed the ban, claiming the majority of the community wanted the industry to have a second chance.

The controversial move was considered a watershed moment and was later followed by other smaller policy backdowns.

Mr Baird announced his shock resignation from politics in early 2017, saying he wanted to spend time with his family.

He had suffered a sharp drop in his approval rating following the greyhound racing ban and backflip, lockout laws and council amalgamations.






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