Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will launch dating service


FACEBOOK chief Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the world’s largest social network will soon include a new dating service.

“This is going to be for building real, long-term relationships, not just hook-ups,” Zuckerberg said as he unveiled the plan in a speech at Facebook’s annual developers conference.

The feature will be opt-in, meaning you have to choose to use it.

Zuckerberg also stressed that the feature was built with privacy and security in mind from the start.

The company has been under fire recently for possibly not doing this with some of its features over the years.

Zuckerberg also said the dating feature will not suggests users’ friends to date.

This is already what other dating apps that rely on Facebook data do, such as Tinder.

Last month, Zuckerberg faced two days of questioning from members of the US Congress after the information of 87 million users was leaked to Cambridge Analytica

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