Man who stabbed his partner to death because she wouldn’t kiss him goodbye is jailed for life



December 03, 2018 13:52:23

A man who stabbed his partner to death in her Ipswich home after she refused to kiss him goodbye as he left for work, has been sentenced to life in prison.

Key points

  • Wayne O’Sullivan stabbed Michelle Reynolds with a knife from his tackle box
  • The court heard they had been fighting over money
  • Ms Reynold’s son described the death as a “cruel act of violence”

Wayne Ashley O’Sullivan pleaded guilty to the murder of Michelle Reynolds in the Supreme Court in Brisbane.

The court heard the 50-year-old stabbed the mother of six to death in her bed in April 2016 after getting a knife from his tackle box early in the morning.

Prosecutor Vicki Loury QC said there was no history of violence between the pair, who argued over financial strains.

“[He] chose to extinguish her life for an entirely trivial reason, her refusal to kiss him,” she said.

O’Sullivan then left the home and threw the knife from his vehicle on the way to a family member’s house, who called triple zero.

Ms Reynolds’ body was found by paramedics with multiple stab wounds.

Justice David Boddice said the pair had been arguing over money and O’Sullivan’s child support payments had recently increased.

“In the few months prior to her death, tension had developed between you, primarily financial issues,” he said.

“For reasons that may never be entirely known or understood, on the morning of 4th April 2016, you stabbed your former partner to death.”

Justice Boddice said the fatal injury was inflicted to the 46-year-old’s lower neck with considerable force.

“After this act of senselessness, you removed your blood-soaked clothes, showered and drove to a relative’s house,” he said.

“It appears financial pressures resulted in the relationship deteriorating to the point where you were regularly arguing and on the day in question, it became too much.”

The court heard the pair had met on a dating site two years earlier.

Justice Boddice said O’Sullivan confessed to the killing when interviewed by police and had genuine regret, which was “cold comfort” to the family.

In a victim impact statement to the court, Jack Reynolds said his mother was killed by a man trusted to protect her and described the death as a “cruel act of violence”.

“I have spent the last two years and eight months watching my family being in a constant state of peril,” Mr Reynolds said.

“Nobody cared, tried or loved as hard as my mother did. Without her I feel lost in the dark.

“There is a sadness that plagues me, every memory I have of my mum.”

O’Sullivan will serve 20 years in custody before being eligible to apply for parole.










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