Man rescued after two days stuck in greasy vent of Chinese restaurant in California



December 13, 2018 16:04:22

A 29-year-old man has been rescued after two days trapped in the grease duct of an abandoned Chinese restaurant in California.

Key points:

  • Police said the man could have died had he stayed in the vent for a third day
  • The restaurant has been closed since October
  • Police have started a trespassing and vandalism investigation

At about 9:30am (local time), police and firefighters responded after a citizen reported a muffled voice calling for help from the neighbouring building.

Firefighters arrived and heard moaning coming from inside a Chinese restaurant called Chef Kwong’s, which closed down in October.

Following the man’s voice, responders climbed onto the roof of Chef Kwong’s and found him covered in grease and oil, and stuck in a vent running down to the rangehood above the stoves, which were thankfully no longer in use.

He was dragged out of the narrow steel vent and said he had been stuck in there for two days. Police said he likely would not have survived a third day.

The Alameda County Sherriff’s Office said the man was “physically exhausted and suffering from dehydration” after his ordeal and was taken to hospital.

Police said he was expected to make a full recovery but, as if he had not had a bad enough week already, he is now facing a criminal investigation.

“At this time, we are conducting a trespassing and vandalism investigation,” a police spokesman said.

“It is unknown if the suspect intended to commit a burglary.”






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