Man accused of backpacker stabbing murders has charges dropped


April 05, 2018 16:55:49

Criminal charges have been discontinued against a French national accused of killing two British backpackers at a hostel in north Queensland more than 18 months ago, because the Mental Health Court in Brisbane has ruled he was of “unsound mind” during the stabbing attacks.

Smail Ayad, 30, was charged with 16 offences, including the murder of 21-year-old Mia Ayliffe-Chung and 30-year-old Thomas Jackson in the town of Home Hill, south of Townsville, in August 2016.

The court heard from a number of psychiatrists who all believed Ayad was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

He has been remanded to a mental health facility in south-east Queensland.

The court was told Mr Ayad went on a stabbing frenzy during the “psychotic episode”.

It is alleged the attack began when he repeatedly stabbed Ms Ayliffe-Chung in her bedroom before stabbing the hostel’s manager in the leg when he tried to intervene.

He then jumped through a window, suffering a fractured neck and back, before stabbing a dog he encountered in the car park.

The court was told Mr Ayad then re-entered the hostel to return to the room where he had stabbed Ms Ayliffe-Chung and repeatedly stabbed Mr Jackson, who was also trying to assist.

Mr Jackson died in hospital several days later.

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