Maid of Honour calls out bridesmaid who copied wedding speech


A bridesmaid has recalled the horrifying moment she was “robbed” at her best friend’s wedding — by another bridesmaid.

The 25-year-old was sharing the chief bridesmaid role with another friend of the bride’s, who she’s nicknamed Sandra, when she stole her speech during the reception, claiming all the glory.

The shocked woman described the cringe-worthy moment the “aloof and disorganised” Sandra stole her thunder in a rant on Facebook, admitting the deception was devastating.

“I felt a bit like I’d been robbed,” she told

“I was upset that I had planned out this nice speech for weeks and she dropped the ball on hers and just took mine.”

Others are just as outraged, leaving scores of messages in support on the now viral post.

“People like her belong in the bin,” one angry user fumed.

“This is crazy, she literally robbed you,” another said.

“I hope karma bites her in the a**,” another said.

Earlier she’d described how she’d only shared her speech with her fellow bridesmaid in a bid to help her writer’s block.

“I offer up some advice that it may be great to talk about childhood stories with the bride, how great they are, etc,” she wrote in her original post.

“She says, ‘That’s a great idea,’ and asks me about my speech and I give her the Cliffs Notes version along with the story I planned to tell.”

But by the time the wedding rolled around, Sandra still didn’t have any ideas and was frantically bashing away on her laptop as the bride and Sarah got ready.

“The reception starts and so do the speeches. Sandra goes first. GUYS — IT WAS MY SPEECH. The same exact story I had planned, the compliments, the jokes, EVERYTHING.”

Understandably, the woman from the US was devastated but said “there was nothing she could do” as she didn’t want to ruin her best friend’s big day.

But the bride was acutely aware of the deception.

“I wrote about one of the first interactions between the bride and groom where I happened to be there when it happened,” she said. “But Sandra wasn’t.”

With only seconds between the speeches, she ended up telling her speech as it was, while adding in a few extra details in a desperate bid to try and set the two apart.

The rest of the wedding went on as normal, she added to, revealing she did talk to the bride about it when she got back from her honeymoon.

“We were watching her wedding video and I said, ‘Hey just so you know, that was my speech and she stole it.’” she said.

“The bride was apologetic but I don’t think she ever mentioned it to Sandra.”

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