Launceston siege continues into second day at home where woman was earlier shot



December 08, 2018 08:49:00

At least 33 shots have been fired, none by police, during a siege at a house in the Launceston suburb of Trevallyn that began on Friday afternoon, Tasmanian police say.

Officers have called for a man and woman to surrender and peacefully leave the house after the stand-off continued through all of Friday night.

The ABC understands the house is the same address in New World Avenue where a 47-year-old woman was shot in the leg last Wednesday.

The woman in that incident was taken to hospital, with police calling for information about the shooter.

Yesterday afternoon, Tasmanian Police blocked off access to New World Avenue, where a man inside a house was refusing to leave and had fired a number of shots.

Witnesses in the area said they saw a heavy police presence and officers crouching behind vehicles.

Today, Tasmania Police said a 24-year-old male and a 47-year-old female remain in the house, almost 17 hours after the alarm was first raised.

Detective Inspector Philippa Burk pleaded with the pair to surrender and leave the house.

“My best advice to both of them is to surrender, put the gun down, leave the gun inside the residence, surrender, and come out and hand yourself in to police.”

Commander Brett Smith told media this morning negotiations were ongoing.

“Police are attempting to negotiate with both the occupants to a peaceful resolution. This will be our strategy going forward,” he said.

Commander Smith said throughout the night “we’ve had a total of 33 shots fired … none by police”.

“We do as a precaution have a range of specialty units providing support to our frontline police. And that includes members of our special operations group,” Commander Smith said.

“Going forward, we’re hoping the two occupants will see sense and walk out of the residence. They can be certainly guaranteed of their safety, they will be unharmed, if they choose to walk out.

“Our strategy going forward will be a peaceful resolution via negotiation.”

Commander Smith confirmed the address was the same as where the woman was shot last week.

“We have had a previous incident at the same address earlier on in the week, it’s all part of an ongoing investigation and we’re hoping to at least progress that when the two people exit the residence,” he said.

He thanked residents for their patience.

“We are very thankful for the community of New World Avenue and Reatta Road, particularly adding a number of people evacuated from the residences. Everyone has been very cooperative.”






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