Larry the Lobster sold to millionaire pastoralist Tom Brinkworth after council delays decision


September 05, 2018 10:56:53

An eleventh-hour bid by a South Australian pastoralist family has saved Kingston’s famous giant crustacean from moving interstate.

Larry the Lobster was put on the market in June 2017 and after failing to draw a bid at auction last September, speculation about the icon’s future in South Australia’s south-east went into overdrive.

For about 40 years Larry has been on Australia’s “big attraction” list and before being put on the market, underwent a $50,000-plus makeover.

Residents feared they would lose the 17-metre fibreglass crustacean after Kingston District Council failed to meet a deadline this week to buy it.

Councillors said upcoming council elections and maintenance costs meant they needed to delay the decision.

Kingston pastoralist Tom Brinkworth said he struck a deal with the owners on Saturday night after his wife mentioned rumours Larry had been sold to a party intending to move it to Western Australia.

Mr Brinkworth declined an interview but told the ABC the lobster would stay in place for future generations to enjoy.

The millionaire pastoralist is rumoured to be behind other philanthropic gestures in the region including paying to fix a leaking roof on the Kingston Hospital in 2017.









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