Journalist and Police Officer Spar Over Filming as Arrest Warrant Issued to Rappler CEO


A Rappler journalist and police officer sparred over attempts to record the issuing of an arrest warrant to Rappler CEO Maria Ressa on Wednesday, February 13, at the company’s headquarters in Pasig City, Philippines. Video livestreamed to the journalist’s Facebook account captures the conversation between an officer and Aika Rey as she tried to film the warrant being served by officials with Philippines’ National Bureau of Investigation. In the video, the officer can be heard requesting that she not record, then attempted to block the camera with his hand. Ultimately, the policeman resorted to using his own phone to film the journalist himself. Ressa and a former researcher, named in reports as Reynaldo Santos Jr, were charged with “cyber libel” over a story published in 2012, Rappler reported. Ressa was detained after presenting herself to police and was to remain at the National Bureau of Investigation overnight after a night court refused to process her bail, according to reports. Credit: Aika Rey/Rappler via Storyful

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