Insiders camera operator ‘doing fine’ after collapsing during Barrie Cassidy interview with Bill Shorten



February 03, 2019 15:05:28

A cameraman for the ABC’s Insiders program is “awake and talking” after fainting during a live interview with Bill Shorten.

Vision which went to air during the show on Sunday morning showed the camera slowly tilting away from Mr Shorten, before a crash was heard.

Floor staff were seen running to assist the cameraman as host Barry Cassidy cut to a package.

Aussie Diamonds coach Lisa Alexander was on set at the time waiting to appear on Offsiders, and administered first aid before paramedics arrived.

“Thank you also to my first aid training over many years including CPR, I felt ready to support with this training behind me!” she posted on Twitter.

“My attention was on the camera operator and checking vital signs. All was well!”

Insiders executive producer Samuel Clark tweeted that the camerman was “on his feet and chatting to paramedics” after the incident.

Mr Shorten also took to social media to say he had since spoken to the operator “and he is doing fine”.

“Thanks to the very professional ABC team on this morning,” he tweeted.






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February 03, 2019 14:55:49

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