Indoor Sales Consultant Job – Big Bath in Taman Mount Austin



你很喜欢说故事 , 编和演故事。这,就是你施展个人魅力的本领!
你找到一个让你 发挥机会的平台吗?
你现在的选择,将造就你未来的人间天堂 !
我们 将为员工打造一个公平和有系统的奖励计划。加 上终身业规划图!

You can earn as much over the cross way !
Spend you precioius time with the love ones instead of travelling over the cross way !
Are you looking for a battlefield to materialise your long stored dream energy ?
You want to work for a company which is active as you !
Want to have stable income and have more space to performance yourself?

What we expect from u ?

Effective communication while extending professional advice and services to customers.
Innovative in meeting sales targets.
Any other ad hoc assignment.

We want right people more than best people

What is the right people criterias ?
You will never leave your team behind when we are on battlefield.
You love to learn ,share and grow together with the team ( You will be frequently send to attend all kinds of skillset, mindset and leadership trainings and request to share and teach the team when u r back)
You understood what is “”responsible” more than rules & regulation ( We beliave responsible is more than any employee handbook rules & regulation )
You are a passionate about customers’ demands and services
You are a positive, always appreciate & be thankful to people who help us in life

What you can expect from us ?

Fair & transparent reward system ( Good apple will be reward , bad apple will be purnish) 公平和透明的 奖励制度
1st personal house rent to own scheme ( We will take care for your living if you are right people ) 个人房屋 租贷 和拥有计划
Personal car installament incentive ( We will take care your feet if you are right people) 私家车拥有计划
Your family oversea trip (We will take care your family bonding if you are right people) 家人旅游配套
Personal development and learning ( We will help you grow and skillset development if you are right people) 个人成长培训计划
Not to mention those standard benefits such as company trips, salary increment, yearly bonus , laptop, mobile and many etc

We want everyone to Work Smart but Not Work Hard . If you cant work smart then you have to work hard .

Join us to give better future for all of us if you think you are the right person for us !

公司再大,不给你机会一样等于零;公司再小,给你空间创造,照样是卧虎藏龙的地方;工资是发给日常工作的人,高薪是发给承担责任的人,奖金是发给做出成绩的人,股权是分给能干忠诚的人,荣誉是颁给有理想抱负的人,辞退信将送给没结果还耍个性的人。一个卓越的团队不是命悬一线或石破天惊,而是平静、刚毅、坚持和不断改善! 思想有多远,我们就能走多远 .


Apply Only if you have the above criterias and personality!!

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