Immoral Kombat burlesque battle returns to Adelaide Fringe 2019


Geek dreams will come true when characters inspired by video games fight it out in a very different kind of war – burlesque battles – at this year’s Adelaide Fringe.

Live-action show Immoral Kombat will see eight players test their might in one-on-one rounds of improvised routines.

Loosely based on popular game series like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, show creator Mema Sifa said it definitely had less gore – and probably ends with less clothing.

“If you think about the premise of Mortal Kombat, where a realm’s best fighters must battle each other in a tournament so their ruler can ultimately take over the known universe, Immoral Kombat is pretty much the same,’’ Ms Sifa said.

“We’ve just replaced the blood with glitter,’’ she said.

“The show’s completely improvised and the audience decide who progresses.’’

Immoral Kombat is listed in the “Interactive” section of the 148-page Adelaide Fringe program, which features more than 1300 events and is free in The Advertiser on Saturday, January 5.

Ms Sifa first staged the show four years ago but hasn’t held a tournament since 2017.

“I didn’t know how much people enjoyed our nerdy nonsense but there’s been disappointment from punters and performers alike at its absence, so I thought I’d better bring it back.”

Contestants will include Kitana (Miss Ink Australia 2016 winner Saskia de Muir), Sonya Blade (Hot Sauce Burlesque director Lyra La Belle) and Sindel (Vivienne von Coffin).

They have also replaced guns and blades for each round with “burlesque weaponry” like silk fans, belly dance wings and top hats with canes.

“Some of my greatest moments on stage have been in this competition, so I’m glad it’s back,’’ Ms von Coffin said. “Hopefully I can win again.”

Immoral Kombat will be in The Moa tent at Gluttony for one night only on March 1.

“It’s going to be next level, pun intended,” Sifa said.

“I’ve seen Austin Powers be outstripped by a tennis pro to the Chicken Dance. I’ve seen Deadpool hurl confetti from his bedazzled crotch at Freddy Kreuger … anything could happen.”

Adelaide Fringe runs from February 15 to March 17.

Tickets are on sale now at FringeTix and

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