Get Out director Jordan Peele’s new movie


Jordan Peele, director of the brilliantly unsettling Get Out, has dropped the trailer for his upcoming movie Us — and it looks just as terrifying.

The much-anticipated horror film, set for release in March, sees a couple (Black Panther co-stars Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke) head to their beach house with their two kids to relax with friends (including A Handmaid’s Tale star Elisabeth Moss).

The trailer opens with the family of four happily squabbling in the car and Moss pronouncing it “vodka o’clock” as they lounge on the beach.

Then the atmosphere changes, as one of the children runs up to an eerie figure wearing fingerless brown leather gloves standing stock-still on the beach.

Back at the house, it gets worse, as some unwelcome visitors arrive.

“There’s a family in our driveway,” says one of the kids.

There’s something wrong with these figures, with their white, alien-like faces and deep black holes for eyes. And quickly, the original four realise something even more horrifying: “It’s us.”

Speaking from Los Angeles on the release of the trailer, Peele said monsters help us discover a “deeper truth about ourselves” and how we are “our own worst enemies”.

Us is an “eerie, creepy-ass” horror film, the director said, one intended to make us think about identity and the line between reality and imagination.

“They look like us, they think like us, they know where we are,” the family realises. “They won’t stop until they kill us — or we kill them.”

The trailer is punctuated with chilling motifs — a pair of scissors that looks like two faces in profile, gazing at each other, and inkblots in the same shape.

We see Moss holding the scissors to her head, the little girl seemingly strangling herself and the surreal sight of a bank of cages filled with white rabbits.

“A new nightmare from the mind of Academy Award winner Jordan Peele,” runs the tagline.

The movie was “a labour of love”, Peele told journalists at the first viewing of the trailer. “I’m very excited.”

He said it was important to him that there should be a black family at the centre of the story, but unlike Get Out, this movie was not about race.

It is the second of five social thrillers he has previously said he hopes to release in the next decade.

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