George Clooney in car accident in Sardinia, Italy


HOLLYWOOD actor George Clooney has reportedly been injured in a car accident where his scooter collided with a pick-up truck.

According to local Italian media reports, the actor, who is in Sardinia to film a mini-series was travelling along a state road in Costa Corallina when the accident occurred.

A picture from La Nuova suggests that Clooney hit a car while on the motorway. The photo showed the car’s windscreen smashed.

A fire extinguisher can be seen on the road but no people from the accident were involved.

Clooney was travelling towards the set in Costa Corallina when a car suddently turned and struck him, according to La Nuova.

It’s understood the superstar was taken to the emergency room at John Paul II hospital.

La Nuova reported he was was found to have a slight trauma to the pelvis and burises to one leg and and arm, but his condition was not serious.

Reports suggest Clooney has now been discharged.

Clooney relocated his family to Sardinia, the second largest Island in the Mediterranian Sea, so he could film TV mini-series Catch 22, according to The Sun.

The US actor is directing, producing and starring in the six episode mini-series based on Jospeh Heller’s famous novel.

Set in Italy during World War II, Catch-22, follows the story of the artful dodger Yossarian, a bombardier for the US Air Force, who is furious because many others he has never met are trying to kill him. The series is being produced for Hulu.

Clooney was pictured stepping off a private jet with wife Amal and twins, Alexander and Ella, near the end of last month.

Even earlier in June, Clooney was seen zipping around the island on a scooter with Amal, 40, hugging him tightly.

The A-list couple are believed to have brought their parents to the island to help care for the children while George works.

They all came together at the upmarket Il Marino di Puntaldia restaurants after George had finished filming.

In April, the legendary thespian announced he was cutting down his acting role in the Hulu production so he could focus on directing.

George and Amal met back in 2013 when Amal attended a party at the Ocean’s Eleven star’s house in Lake Como, Italy.

It was from that moment George made it his mission to land Amal, later taking her on their first date at a plush London restaurant.

Despite “really liking him” even before their romantic dinner, the beauty admitted she never held out much hope.

Parts of this first appeared on The Sun and are republished with permission.

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