Former male model sentenced to jail over his role in Comanchero bikie brawl at Canberra strip club



November 30, 2018 15:50:58

A former male model and senior Comancheros bikie has been warned he will not have a future in the modelling industry “if he keeps smashing glasses on his forehead” during sentencing for his part in a strip club brawl.

Key points:

  • Hasan Topal will spend five months behind bars
  • CCTV shows Topal, at one point, punching a man in the head 10 times
  • Four other men have already been jailed over their roles the mammoth brawl

Hasan Topal, 28, pleaded guilty to a single charge of affray committed during the brawl with fellow club members at a Canberra strip club in August last year.

Topal is one of four people sent to jail over their role in the fight, which erupted at the Capital Men’s Club after the Comanchero’s annual run to Canberra.

The court viewed CCTV footage of the 10-minute brawl today, which showed Topal shaping up and then punching another man to the ground, as part of the general melee.

The security camera briefly lost track of Topal, who later re-appeared shirtless and got back into the fight.

He also smashed a glass into his own forehead, causing bleeding.

During sentencing, Magistrate Ken Cush remarked that his actions were at odds with the way he had once earned a living.

“He won’t be going on in the modelling business if he keeps smashing glasses on his forehead,” he said.

Topal’s lawyer told the court he had come from humble beginnings in Melbourne where his Turkish parents had settled.

The court heard he had even graduated from tertiary studies and done a variety of different jobs, including owning a gym, which he sold last year.

His lawyer made it clear he would not be leaving the Comancheros.

Topal to spend five months behind bars

Magistrate Cush noted that at one point Topal had punched a man about 10 times to the head.

“It was gratuitous violence to a significant degree,” he said.

Magistrate Cush urged Topal to consider leaving the Comancheros to avoid getting into more trouble.

He sentenced him to 10 months in jail, to be suspended after five months.

In October Nuulua Levi, 55, and Peniamina Elia, 34, were also sentenced to 10 months’ jail under the same terms.

Another man, Paea Talakai, 27, was sentenced to nine months, with only five months to serve.

A fifth man will face court in Canberra next year.








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