Food drivers opening, feasting on meals before resealing and delivering


Delivery drivers have been caught feasting on meals before repacking them to deliver the tainted food to unknowing customers.

In newly revealed footage, drivers can be seen opening up takeaway containers and plucking food, using their delivery bikes as makeshift tables.

In the elaborate scheme to steal snacks, the driver picks out parts of the meal before resealing the container and returning it back into its delivery bag.

The gross-out footage was filmed by another restaurant owner who saw the delivery driver behaving badly, saying he was eating out of “four to five” containers and felt compelled to capture the footage.

He described to A Current Affair how the driver was moving around the food so it didn’t look like it had been half eaten.

After taking a portion of the food he then places the tampered with boxes at the bottom of the bag under the other containers so as to avoid detection.

The driver then eats a mint to freshen his breath.

The driver who was filmed stealing from the customer’s order was employed by delivery group EASI. EASI responded in a statement, saying “of course opening up food containers during delivery process is strictly prohibited.”

The company has claimed they have a policy in place requiring restaurants to use “insulated food cases and provide restaurants with seals for delivery bags,” so customers can be assured their food has not been tampered with.

EASI have thanked A Current Affair for their investigation and made assurances that the delivery driver’s employment will be terminated.

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