Five-year-old boy receives guard of honour after father dies in line of duty



May 16, 2018 13:08:50

More than 70 police officers have welcomed a young boy back to his school in the US state of Indiana after his father died in the line of duty.

The heart-warming vision shows five-year-old Dakota Pitts being greeted by a guard of honour on this way to school and wearing his father’s badge around his neck.

Detective Les Hamm told CNN Dakota asked his mother if one of his dad’s friends could take him to school, so she reached out to her late husband’s friends and family.

Little did Dakota know that officers and swat teams from across the county would show up and present him with his own SWAT shirt and badge.

Dakota’s father, Rob Pitts, was killed in a shootout between police and a suspect on May 4.






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