‘Fake Uluru’ at The Rock Roadhouse engulfed by fire, crews still fighting blaze


July 31, 2018 22:24:08

The iconic “fake Uluru” roadhouse on the Pacific Highway north of Newcastle has been engulfed in a fierce blaze, which firefighters are trying to bring under control.

Fire ripped through The Rock Roadhouse near Hawks Nest and the big (little) Ayers Rock — a famous site familiar to many on road trips — is well alight.

Inspector Ben Shepherd from the NSW Rural Fire Service said 18 crews were fighting the fire and trying to contain it so it did not spread to nearby petrol bowsers.

The Uluru replica was built for Leyland Brothers World, a 1990s theme park with amusement rides, the roadhouse and a bush camp.

The park ended up sending the brothers broke and was sold in 1992.

“It is a local landmark and it is well known by many who travel that route, but unfortunately the structure has been completely destroyed by fire,” Mr Shepherd said.

There have been no reported injuries at this stage and it is not yet known how the blaze started, but crews will need to work well into the night to extinguish it.

“There is still active fire on there [the rock] and crews are expected to remain on scene still for a number of hours well into the evening before that fire is finally declared out,” Mr Shepherd said.





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