Extreme weather on the way as tropical cyclone, southern low pressure system develop in the east



December 12, 2018 14:27:16

Hail, destructive winds and heavy rain are set to pummel much of the eastern seaboard in the coming days, with the Bureau of Meteorology issuing severe weather warnings in several states.

Much of Victoria is expected to be inundated over the next few days, with conditions forecast to worsen overnight and into tomorrow.

Meanwhile Tropical Cyclone Owen is intensifying in the Gulf of Carpentaria, and is expected to strengthen to hit Queensland on Friday.

It is currently a category 2 storm, but could be a category 3 when it makes landfall.

“We’ve got a low pressure system likely to develop over south-eastern Australia, probably over Victoria on Thursday,” the BOM’s extreme weather desk manager James Taylor said.

“That will draw in moisture from the Tropics and tropical cyclone Owen during Thursday and Friday and create a heavy rainfall risk from a cloud band with embedded thunderstorms over a large part of probably the eastern seaboard.”

Mr Taylor said the heavy rainfall risk will be for large parts of Victoria and northern and eastern Tasmania.

There is also a chance of extreme conditions in South Australia’s south-east as well as eastern New South Wales, and up along the coast of Queensland.

Mr Taylor said while most of the potential damage in the south-east will likely be rain-related, Owen could also generate damaging winds in Queensland.

“We’ve got a real risk with heavy rainfall, but there’s also damaging to destructive winds associated with [tropical cyclone] Owen that we need to worry about,” he said.










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