Dozer the steer could be bigger than Australia’s own Knickers, according to Canadian farm



December 01, 2018 12:33:28

Knickers’ reign as the internet’s favourite large steer might be short lived.

A Canadian farm claims to own an even larger steer named Dozer.

Kismet Creek Farm, a sanctuary that operates as a shelter for farm animals, took to its Facebook page to say it had been flooded with attention after the story of Knickers went global this week.

Knickers, a Holstein Friesan steer from a farm in Western Australia, stands at 194 centimetres tall and weighs in at 1,400 kilograms.

In a post the farm said it knew Dozer, also a Holstein Friesan, was 192 centimetres tall, but “that measurement was a year or two ago”.

“So yesterday afternoon, when Global News was here, we measured Dozer for them, and he was 6’5”, the farm said in the post.

That’s allegedly four centimetres taller than Knickers

Dozer’s owner Karl Schoenrock, who runs the farm with his wife Raelle, told CBC that the steer was a gentle giant and a “smusher”.

“You start scratching him and he’ll just push into you just to get more scratches, and he loves it,” he said.

Dozer, arrived at the farm in August after a woman befriended him at a cattle ranch and convinced the farmers to let her keep him.

But the challenges of looking after a steer as big as Dozer meant he eventually moved out to Kismet Creek Farm.

Much like Knickers’ owner, the Schoenrocks say they have been overwhelmed with requests from media around the world looking to get the news on Dozer.

And despite his already enormous size, Dozer needs to get bigger

In a video on the farm’s Facebook page, Ms Schoenrock said Dozer had “severe tendinitis” due to his size.

“That has caused some muscle atrophy and he has lost weight. That’s going into a Manitoba winter, which some of you may know are a little extreme to say the least,” she said

“So we do want to put some weight on him … enough that he’ll be at a normal body condition and nice and warm and comfortable this winter.”

Just like Knickers though, Dozer still falls short of the Guinness World Record for the world’s tallest living steer.

That honour belongs to an Italian Chianina ox called Bellino that was measured at just over 2 metres to the withers, in Rome in 2010.

ABC News journalist Jacqueline Lynch met Knickers a month ago after she travelled to Brunswick Show, only to discover the steer couldn’t make it there because he was too big to fit on the truck.

“When we finally got to check out Knickers for ourselves at Geoff Pearson’s farm in Myalup, 90 minutes south of Perth, any scepticism we may have had about this bovine’s bona fides was instantly erased,” she said.

“Of all the stories I have reported on over the years, nothing compares to the giant steer too big for the abattoir.

“For the brief moment of joy you have all brought us Knickers, I salute you.”






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