Disturbing Video Alerts Animal Activists to Beluga Whale’s Possible Health Problems


A former trainer at an aquatic park in Ontario, Canada, posted footage on June 1 of a beluga whale’s behavior there that has raised concerns about its treatment of animals. Philip Demers posted footage of the whale at Marineland Canada on YouTube, where the animal appears to regurgitate fish and push his head against the glass of his tank. “You can see his body is full of rake marks. He’s no doubt the target of aggression,” he states in the post. According to his GoFundMe page, Demers is a former trainer at Marineland Canada, and he has been sued by the park. While Marineland Canada has not publicly responded to Demers’ video, according to a national report, the park has previously been charged with animal cruelty. As of writing, Demers’ footage has over 20,000 views on YouTube. Credit: Philip Demers via Storyful

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