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For southwestern suburbs couple Megan and Scott Calvert, the prospect of knocking down a pre-existing home to rebuild a new one came with a few hurdles.

Needing to meet local council heritage status and choose a design that made the most of a tricky allotment, the couple looked no further than Rendition Homes.

“It was a knock down rebuild of a 1947 built home that we had owned since 2004,” Megan says.

“The design had to make best use of a relatively narrow block set on a corner and the facade was designed to be timeless and in keeping with heritage zone status.”


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Having spent plenty of time visiting display homes, Megan says they had two floor plans in mind when visiting Rendition Homes.

“We spoke with Andrew White and he was able to interpret our ideas into a plan,” she says.

“Scott’s father is a retired bricklayer and had worked with the managing director of Rendition Homes, describing him as a man that could be trusted — it just started from there.”

Having previously lived at different locations around Australia over the past 10 years the family of four, plus Airedale terrier Winnie, had enough experience to know exactly what they wanted from their first build.

“Living in five different houses enabled us to have a very strong sense of what we wanted, how our family would live in it, now and into the future,” Megan says.

“The children have room to grow, we have two living areas and I have a study that can be

easily converted into a fourth bedroom if required.”

Demolishing the house in February last year, the build process began in late March and keys were handed over in early September, which the couple were more than happy with.

“Scott and I did our homework on everything, so that we supported the builder by being clear with what we wanted and Rendition were clear on how to facilitate us getting the house that we wanted within a reasonable budget,” Megan says.

With 299sqm total size and 225sqm living area, the home provides the family with a relaxing environment and keeps up with their busy schedule.

“As soon as you walk through the door a sense of calm descends, it is everything that we planned and worked for,” Megan says.

“There is no maintenance that would have been necessary if we had kept the old part of the house and extended, there is heaps of storage, everything has it’s place, easy to clean and maintain so we can just be”

Having lived in the home for almost a year, Megan admits they would have made changes if a bigger budget was available, but for the price they’re ecstatic with the result.

“Sure, if our budget was larger some of our selections of tiles, more stone at the front of the house would have been made; however the design and layout fits our family perfectly,” she says.

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