Dave Hughes, Amanda Keller reveal worst celebrity interviews

AUSTRALIA’S biggest radio stars have revealed which celebrities were a nightmare to interview.

Radio personalities including Dave Hughes, Kate Langbroek, Kate Ritchie, Mick Molloy and Ben Fordham spilled the beans to news.com.au about the A-List encounters they’d rather forget at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs) in Melbourne on Saturday night.

WSFM stars Amanda Keller and Brendan “Jonesy” Jones recalled their terrible interview with Harrison Ford and said it was so bad they never put it to air.

“He assumed he’d be so bored that he actually brought a book with him into the interview that we did,” Keller told news.com.au. “He was cranky, he was surly, he wasn’t our favourite and we dropped him.”

Jones added, “And he had a wee stain on his pants”.

You can see everyone else’s answers in the video player above.

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