Daughter of child rapist describes ‘living a nightmare’, tells court father was a ‘monster’



July 11, 2018 18:59:38

The daughter of a man who raped and sexually abused young children over a period of almost 40 years has described her father as a “monster” who destroyed her family.

The woman was in tears as she read her victim impact statement aloud to her 64-year-old father, who looked down as he sat in the Darwin Supreme Court dock.

She recalled walking in on her father, when she was 10 years old, to find him abusing her young friend.

“Deep down inside me I was ultimately living the same nightmare she was,” she said.

“I changed inside.

“I hated the monster you were from this point in time.”

The man was arrested in June 2017 and has pleaded guilty to eight charges, including rape, indecent dealing, and maintaining a sexual relationship with a child.

The woman spoke about how difficult it was to confront her family about his crimes at the time, and the shame and divisions his conduct has created.

“My whole world fell down,” she said.

“I felt terribly sick but most of all I was a little girl, scared and alone.”

It wasn’t until the woman was in her 30s, and walked in on her father with a young relative, that she spoke up about her father’s crimes.

“This took me back to the day I was a little girl in your bedroom,” she said.

“I wanted to scream but I couldn’t move.

“The feeling I have to deal with is I no longer have a father … This is like a death to me.”

Crimes span 37 years

During sentencing submissions, prosecutor Mary Chalmers said the man’s crimes included “forced penetration” of young children, who were relatives or children of family friends.

Ms Chalmers said there were five child victims, who were as young as six and seven years old at the time of the man’s offending.

“Many of the assaults were violent forced penetration of a young child,” she said.

“His offending in those circumstances can only be described as inhumane.”

She said the “depraved” and “emotionally manipulative” man would lure the children into situations or drive them to secluded places and abuse them.

“The offender has lived a large part of his life sexually abusing young children,” she said.

“The offending occurred in family environment where each child had a right to feel safe.”

Ms Chalmers said there was no evidence the man had genuine remorse or insight into his crimes, which spanned 37 years.

“It’s typical of how this type of selfish offending can just obliterate an entire family,” she said.

The sentencing hearing has been adjourned until August 28.








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