Court orders ‘offensive’ Argentinian radio host Angel Etchecopar to feature feminists on his program



December 24, 2018 19:13:15

An Argentinian radio presenter has been ordered to let feminist guests speak uninterrupted on his show after being accused of discrimination against women.

Key points:

  • The host was accused of making “derogatory” and “degrading” remarks about women
  • He struck a compromise with the prosecutor to have gender experts on his show for five months
  • The prosecutor said deal meant the host’s listeners had the chance to learn about gender issues

Angel Etchecopar, who goes by the nickname “Baby”, faced a criminal prosecution for making “derogatory, insulting, offensive, degrading and discriminatory” statements about women.

He was accused after referring to feminists as “feminazis” and describing them as “disgusting” on air.

Prosecutor Federico Villalba Diaz told Argentine newspaper La Nacion there were eight pages of the discriminatory statements in the court papers.

But the presenter avoided a trial by approaching the case with what Mr Diaz said was an “attitude of repentance”.

Rather than having Mr Etchecopar cop the criminal consequences, the court agreed on a compromise that would see specialists in gender issues appear on his program for five months.

The guests must be allowed to speak for 10 minutes, during which time Mr Etchecopar will not be allowed to interrupt them.

He has also been banned from criticising them after they finish speaking.

A list of approved interviewees will be determined by the prosecutor’s office, with a gender violence prosecutor directing the court-ordered content.

Mr Diaz told Le Monde’s Argentina correspondent the compromise was about teaching tolerance.

“It seemed important to me that the listeners of Baby Etchecopar could listen to other voices and other explanations, different from the ones they are used to,” he said.

“It is a non-punitive idea, but one that aims to improve tolerance.”

Mr Etchecopar apologised for his remarks and paid about $550 to Christian charity Caritas after the compromise was reached.

He must refrain from discriminatory statements about women for a year, otherwise the judicial truce will be nullified and Mr Etchecopar will face prosecution from the courts.





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