Couple left $20,000 out of pocket, stranded in Darwin after holiday from hell leads to court


April 10, 2018 18:17:04

What was supposed to be a dream holiday has turned into a nightmare for one Victorian couple, left “stranded” in Darwin for months after a night of heavy drinking led to police charges.

After wet season road closures derailed their camping plans in February, the pair decided to check into Darwin’s Sky City Casino.

But the night quickly took a turn for the worst, the Darwin Local Court heard, when the couple became intoxicated.

A “violent” argument erupted when the woman asked the man if he had her cigarettes.

The woman’s lawyer told Judge Elizabeth Morris that when her partner swore at her, she punched him in the face.

Upon seeing his injuries, the man then allegedly threw the woman onto the floor.

The court heard the woman then threw a bottle in his general direction, and the man allegedly retaliated by throwing his partner onto the bed, climbing on top of her and spitting in her face.

Four fellow guests at the hotel overheard the assaults, and police arrested and charged the man with aggravated assault.

Due to the man’s extensive previous criminal history, he was ordered to stay in Darwin as a condition of bail until sentencing.

The woman made a statutory declaration about her role in the assault, and police then also charged her with aggravated assault.

The court was told the pair’s 18-month relationship had not been violent before or since the argument, and since the assault, the pair have remained in Darwin together to resolve their legal matters.

The court heard that legal fees and unexpected accommodation costs have left the pair $20,000 in debt.

Judge Morris ordered the woman pay a $150 victim’s levy, and imposed a good behaviour bond.

Her partner’s matter was adjourned to May 25.








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