Canterbury Bulldogs Mad Monday, Mark Geyer slams overreaction

THE Canterbury Bulldogs have been the talk of the town since Monday afternoon and for all of the wrong reasons.

Since photos emerged of the club’s wild antics during their Mad Monday celebrations, the furore has reached a fever pitch.

After being issued with a breach notice by the NRL and given five days to respond, the Bulldogs were handed a whopping $250,000 fine.

“The club organised the event and failed to implement the most basic of measures to ensure it was conducted in an appropriate way,” NRL CEO Todd Greenberg said.

Things went from bad to worse for the club when it was confirmed two players had been issued with court notices.

Asipeli Fine and Adam Elliott will front court on October 24 over their involvement in the lewd activities.

As every person lined up to take aim at the Bulldogs playing group for their acts, one NRL legend couldn’t help but question why it had reached the level it has.

Penrith Panthers legend Mark Geyer is stunned the incident has carried on throughout the week ahead of the finals.

“I must have had too many head knocks as a player because I just don’t get the outrage, I don’t get it,” Geyer said on Triple M’s The Rush Hour with MG.

“No matter what your feelings on the drama are, it’s excessive the fine but it’s also a bloody big deterrent for ongoing things and I think the NRL had to act … but $250,000.

“I don’t know. Is it just me? Is it just me or is this the biggest overreaction I’ve ever seen in my life?

“I know that these guys are on big money and they’re privileged guys, but they’ve also got a camera following them everywhere they go.

“For nine months of the year they’ve toed the line, so one day they’ve let their hair down and got nude. Who got hurt? Was someone assaulted, did they swear at anyone, did someone complain? I just don’t get it.”

The stunning fallout from the day’s festivities has been the biggest story all week long when NRL fans should be looking forward to the finals getting underway.

Instead of reading about the highly anticipated contests however, the Bulldogs’ antics have been the leading story in the NRL and Geyer cannot believe it.

“It’s Thursday, we should be talking about the biggest semi-final of all-time tomorrow between the Storm and the Rabbitohs, but we’re talking about something that happened on Monday about a bloke in a pub,” Geyer said.

The finals getting underway will take pressure away from the Bulldogs, but expect Mad Monday’s to potentially be a thing of the past after the latest exploits.

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