Canberra man on trial over shooting is the wrong size and wrong age, lawyer says


April 24, 2018 18:52:24

A Canberra man, who is on trial over a home invasion in which a 13-year-old girl was shot, has been described by his lawyer as a “jockey”-sized “tot”, too young to fit the description of the perpetrator.

Reece Salcedo, 20, and Nathan Brian Stretton, 23, are on trial in the ACT Supreme Court over the incident in which a man received a serious gunshot wound to his arm and a teenage girl was shot in the buttocks.

It is alleged the pair went to the home in Canberra’s south and demanded keys to the alleged victim’s car.

The court heard when the man refused, the pair allegedly broke into the home and shot at him.

The alleged victim told the court he went after one of the men with a metal bar, before he was shot in the arm.

Prosecutor Anthony Williamson told the jury there was a strong circumstantial case against the men.

He said that included forensic evidence about gunshot residue in Mr Salcedo’s car, text messages between the pair, and identification by witnesses from photo boards.

“How unlucky must he be?” Mr Williamson asked.

“What are the odds of two witnesses identifying him?”

But Mr Salcedo’s lawyer James Stewart urged the jury to be objective, suggesting whoever committed the shooting had not broken into an innocent house given the alleged victim’s drug-dealing past.

“They did not break into the nativity setting, ladies and gentlemen, they broke into a drug dealer’s house,” he said.

He also compared the circumstances of the identification process with “war-like” stress, saying the description given by the victims did not match his client.

“He’s a tot, little more than a jockey,” he said.

“He’s the wrong size, the wrong age. He has absolutely no motive.”

Mr Stretton’s lawyer Richard Davies also raised questions about the identification process after such a traumatic event.

“A home invasion it was, but Nathan Stretton wasn’t there,” he said.

The jury is expected to retire on Thursday.





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