Bright blue light appears over Queens after transformer explosion at power plant



December 28, 2018 15:46:52

An eerie electric blue light illuminating the night sky and a low buzzing sound ringing through the streets of New York City has created quite a spectacle for residents.

Key points:

  • Residents recorded videos of a bright blue light in the sky
  • A powerful explosion at an Astoria power plant caused the spectacle
  • New York City Fire Department said there were no injuries

The cause was a transformer explosion at a Con Edison power station in Astoria, Queens, about 9:30pm local time.

“There was a brief electrical fire at our substation in Astoria, which involved some electrical transformers and caused a transmission dip in the area,” the power company said in a post on Twitter.

“Power lines serving the area are in service and system is stable.

“We’re currently investigating the cause of the incident.”

The New York Fire Department confirmed the incident was under control in a statement posted to Twitter roughly an hour after the explosion.

“There are no injuries reported, and no fire,” the statement said.

Officers from New York Police Department’s 114th Precinct were on the scene investigating the cause.

New York City councillor Cost Constantinides told residents to avoid the nearby area.

He said there had been no reports of damage to nearby homes.

Locals first noticed flickering lights, before turning their gaze outside to see a bright teal light pulsating for minutes.

Smoke was seen by those close to the power plant, however, the bright light was visible from as far away as Manhattan.

Vision of the light show flooded social media, with residents taking to Twitter to broadcast what they were seeing out their windows.

“Electricity went out, then the explosion, my building humming and shaking, sky was lit up blue, green, and white,” one resident said on Twitter.

“Terrifying! Thought it was the end.”

According to a report from US broadcaster NBC, the LaGuardia airport was briefly ingulfed in a “total blackout”.

Planes were temporarily grounded, while inbound flights were impacted from the outage.

Power was restored to the airport within an hour of the explosion, however some flights were rerouted from LaGuardia.





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