Arron Martin found guilty of murdering six-month-old baby daughter Isabella at Perth home



March 13, 2019 19:47:59

A Perth man who told police he shook his six-month-old baby and then threw her onto the ground because she would not stop crying has been convicted of murder.

Arron Colin Martin, 37, had been on trial in the Supreme Court for the past three days over the death of his baby Isabella, who suffered catastrophic brain injuries at the family’s Brookdale home in November 2017.

The court heard Martin, who worked nights as a baker and looked after his daughter during the day, was sleep deprived and “just snapped’ when the child would not settle.

The baby was still breathing when he picked her up from the floor and he put her back in her cot, but he did not call for any help.

He then tried to kill himself, but when that failed he said he went to a park to cool down before going to Armadale police station, where he told officers he had “hurt his child.”

In his evidence at the trial, Martin said he had exaggerated what he had done to the baby, maintaining he had not thrown her onto the carpeted floor and had instead dropped her.

He told the court he loved and adored his daughter and had not intended to harm her.

Martin also said he did not seek any help for his daughter because he was not thinking at the time and believed he deserved to die.

Isabella’s mother ‘glad it’s over’

Speaking while leaving court after the guilty verdict, Isabella’s mother Nicole Martin said she was “glad it’s over”.

During the trial, she told the court the last time she saw her child, who was recovering from a cold at the time, was before she went to work, when the baby was in her bouncer.

She told the court she did not know what had happened to her daughter until she returned home from work and found police at her home.

During the trial, Martin’s lawyer John Rando described his client as “a family man who loved his wife and loved and adored his daughter”.

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He said his client faced “the dilemma” of having to look after his baby during the day, when he was hoping he could recover and get some sleep.

“He was doing the best he could, but something happened on that day … he just snapped,” Mr Rando told the court.

The jury deliberated for about three hours before finding Martin guilty of the murder charge.

He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced in June.








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